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Driving Functions

Driving functions for automated driving

The driving functions of automated driving not only represent the next step in the evolution of technology, they also provide added value in various ways, especially for the driver. Benefits include relaxation, more time, enhanced safety, and greater comfort and convenience. Some sample applications show what this might look like.

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  • Cruising Chauffeur
    Cruising Chauffeur


    Long drives on the highway become more relaxing.

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  • Traffic Jam Assist
    Traffic Jam Assist


    Automatically follows the car ahead safely during a traffic jam.

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  • Parking Companion
    Parking Companion


    Select the parking slot and the car will automatically park itself.

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  • Remote Garage Parking
    Remote Garage Parking


    This feature makes parking the vehicle in the garage a lot easier.

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  • Trained Parking
    Trained Parking


    The Trained Parking function makes frequently used routes and parking procedures more convenient by using automated driving technology.

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