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MK C1 for highly automated driving (HAD)


Continental’s electronic braking system MK C1 is an integrated and compact brake system which meets todays and future requirements: vacuum less braking, energy recuperation, high performance for emergency brake assist. The MK C1 for highly automated driving has now a redundant fallback-level to enable the next step towards automated driving. MK C1 HAD system architecture with two networked braking system units offers a degradation concept to ensure the required deceleration level at all times, without driver interaction. By combining the MK C1 with a MK 100 based Hydraulic Brake Extension, redundant braking systems for highly automated driving can be installed with minimum effort.

  • HAD Brake System for fail operational applications
  • Well known base technology
  • Base brake system in vehicle platform identical for non HAD and HAD vehicles (MK C1)
  • Low application and release effort
  • Fail operation Autopilot Brake function (Abrake) with possible maximum deceleration from 0,6 g up to mostly 0,9 g 
  • Wheel slip control function (ABS & EBD) in fallback to prevent overbraking and destabilization
  • Wheel Speed information in fallback 
  • Continuous testing of fallback availability
  • Box Volume: 5.000 - 5.700 cm³

Product Highlights

  • Multi-Function Mono Camera
    Multi-Function Mono Camera

    Multi-Function Mono Camera for advanced driver assistance functions and automated driving

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  • Comprehensive Environment Model
    Comprehensive Environment Model

    A basic requirement for automated driving.

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  • Long Range Radar
    Long Range Radar

    ARS441 is a premium long range radar sensor for forward looking functions.

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  • Dynamic eHorizon
    Dynamic eHorizon

    eHorizon integrates vehicle sensor data with data from the environment and other vehicles to predict traffic situations.

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  • Road Database
    Road Database

    High precision maps are generated from vehicle sensor data.

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  • Short Range Radar
    Short Range Radar

    A high performance 77GHz radar sensor for backward & forward looking applications.

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  • Surround View
    Surround View

    Surround View cameras for automated driving.

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  • 3D Flash Lidar
    3D Flash Lidar

    Detects and identifies objects like nothing else before. Fast and precise imaging sensor.

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  • Driver Monitoring
    Driver Monitoring

    Driver Monitoring ensures that the vehicle always knows the status of the driver. This is essential during automated driving phases.

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  • Holistic Human Machine Interface
    Holistic Human Machine Interface

    A Holistic Human Machine Interface keeps the driver always optimally informed and creates trust in automated driving.

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  • Holistic Connectivity
    Holistic Connectivity

    Holistic Connectivity for high-speed data transfer within and beyond the vehicle.

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