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The collective intelligence of vehicles enables highly up-to-date and highly precise road data. This way we build Road Database purely from sample data of standard vehicles and software processing within the continental.cloud.

  • The collection of sample data from production vehicles enables our Road Database to be extensive, fresh, accurate and reliable.
  • Road Database is using multidimensional vectors, which are constantly enriched by dynamic vehicle and traffic data. The data sets in Road Database are created from sample data delivered by sensors of serial vehicles.
  • Sensor data is processed by software components of our Road Database solution within the vehicle. This data is then transmitted to the continental cloud servers, where the data is aggregated, processed, stored and sent back to the vehicles.
  • Road Database is cost-optimized. It uses sensor-based map learning, precise positioning of road geometry, road equipment (e.g. traffic signs, lights), as well as sensor enhancements via Crowd Sourcing (such as lane marks, construction areas, etc.).

Product Highlights

  • Multi-Function Mono Camera
    Multi-Function Mono Camera

    Multi-Function Mono Camera for advanced driver assistance functions and automated driving

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  • Comprehensive Environment Model
    Comprehensive Environment Model

    A basic requirement for automated driving.

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  • Long Range Radar
    Long Range Radar

    ARS441 is a premium long range radar sensor for forward looking functions.

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  • Dynamic eHorizon
    Dynamic eHorizon

    eHorizon integrates vehicle sensor data with data from the environment and other vehicles to predict traffic situations.

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  • Road Database
    Road Database

    High precision maps are generated from vehicle sensor data.

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  • Short Range Radar
    Short Range Radar

    A high performance 77GHz radar sensor for backward & forward looking applications.

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  • Surround View
    Surround View

    Surround View cameras for automated driving.

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  • 3D Flash Lidar
    3D Flash Lidar

    Detects and identifies objects like nothing else before. Fast and precise imaging sensor.

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  • Driver Monitoring
    Driver Monitoring

    Driver Monitoring ensures that the vehicle always knows the status of the driver. This is essential during automated driving phases.

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  • Holistic Human Machine Interface
    Holistic Human Machine Interface

    A Holistic Human Machine Interface keeps the driver always optimally informed and creates trust in automated driving.

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  • Holistic Connectivity
    Holistic Connectivity

    Holistic Connectivity for high-speed data transfer within and beyond the vehicle.

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